Cranial Sacral Osteopathy

What can be treated?
ο    Pain, postural dysfunction, injuries
ο    Emotional pain, Anxiety, Depression
ο    Insomnia, sleep disorders
ο    Headaches, Migraines
ο    General health and well being

What are the benefits?
ο    Aids relaxation and self healing
ο    Resolves pain and improves posture
ο    Increases physical, emotional and mental strength
ο    Boosts immune system and energy levels
ο    Releases emotional blockages




What is cranial osteopathy? 

Cranial osteopathy is a safe, gentle, "clothes on" treatment that uses a light hand contact to listen to the subtle natural rhythms within the body. 

It may be used with structural and visceral techniques within osteopathic treatment or as a standalone treatment for those requiring a sensitive and gentle touch. 
As a standalone treatment it does not involve spinal manipulations or adjustments its focus is to align the structural integrity of the body, the root cause of many structural and spinal imbalances, bringing about balance on all levels, at the body's own pace. 

This gentle listening and focused touch, connects with the head, face spine sacrum or other parts of the body enabling contact within the membranes, fascia, bones, and the circulation cerebrospinal and fluids, and via these tissues, with the central nervous system. This contact instills a sense of calm and stillness, which invites the subtle twists, pulls and asymmetries reflected throughout your system to realign themselves according to their own particular pattern of balance and movement. This gives the body the space to health through its innate intelligence to restore balance within the systems. 

Cranial osteopathy is effective in establishing a sense of harmony and balance after shock, illness, emotional or physical trauma, particularly the after effects of birth trauma for both mother and baby and other diagnosed conditions associated with this time. The body holds memories of our experiences and these can be released to beneficial effect promoting homeostasis within the body systems promoting body balance on all levels.

Cranial osteopathy treatment gives the body the space to heal from pain or discomfort bringing about a sense of clarity, a clear & calm mind, it is particularly useful for those that want to manage the effects of stress and demanding lifestyles with deep and profound relaxation effects, it often results in clients falling asleep taking a 'power nap' during the day. Cranial osteopathy works extremely well when combined with homeopathy, it suits those that practice mindfulness, yoga or Pilates. 

Cranial osteopathy is suitable for all ages, from the newborn to the elderly and during pregnancy.