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What is Microdermabrasion?

Controlled MDA is a modern technique designed with the help of a gentle, mechanical peeling process, to improve the skin’s regenerative capabilities and to better control specific skin conditions. It has been used for over 20 years with great success by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin therapists for the treatment of skin imperfections such as scar tissue, pigmentation abnormalities, blemishes and acne, and more.

The aim of MDA is to restore the ideal balance between healthy well functioning cells needed for a radiant appearance and the comeocytes required for the protection of the skin from the environment.

Types of Treatment We Offer

We can treat a variety of skin conditions with Microderma-percussion, from general brightening and rejuvenation, enlarged pores, blemishes, acne scarring, pigmentation problems, stretch marks and scar reduction. We use CACI for all the above treatments at our salon and recommend IPL advanced light therapy with certain skin problems for maximal results.

We have chosen CACI CHROMACLEAR combining five treatment technologies within one state of the art system. Utilizing vacuum suction, colour therapy, light stimulation and vibratory massage with the latest form of skin peeling called microdermo-percussion. This uses perfectly rounded quartz silica crystals that do not scrape the skin unlike jagged aluminium crystals, but gently exfoliate by producing a tapping sensation as they are propelled onto the skin

What Happens During a Treatment?


Our 1 hour treatment process

Microdermabrasion treatment includes a full pre-peel routine and a post-peel product to help maximise the benefits of the treatment process. Our pre and post peel products are professional strength products from the Dermalogica professional product range.


Treatment steps

1. The skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove any surface dirt or oils.

 2. A gentle anti-bacterial lotion is then applied to remove any surface bacteria.

3. A gentle pre peel exfoliant lotion is applied to the skin to help loosen the dead skin making it easier to remove with Microderma percussion and quartz silica crystals.

4. The MDA crystals are then used in combination with vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells generating the stimulation of the cells natural renewal process.

5. A post peel anti-bacterial lotion is applied again to remove surface bacteria from the skin surface.

6. An anti oxidant and anti ageing mask is applied to begin the renewal process and to feed the fresh skin layers with moisture or a cool calming mask is applied with vibratory massage and light therapy completes this advanced facial treatment

7. Completion of your MDA treatment is with a light moisturiser to hydrate and seal your perfectly exfoliated fresh looking skin.