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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help You?

Weight control

Support weight loss exercise or health improvement programmes, with nutritionally dense foods, in order to aid the increased energy output and decreased calorie intake, without resulting in being hungry or feeling low in energy. An individual programme to suit your own biochemical individuality is devised and investigation of underlying causes may be suggested such as food intolerance testing.

Sports nutrition

Optimum nutrition is key to maintaining and improving physical performance, whether for general fitness, consistent hard training or want to reach peak performance for specific events and achieve your personal best. The right balance of macro and micro nutrients is essential to provide the energy to work out, build and repair tissues reduce the effects of mental and physical stress on your body. Recommended test such as metabolic analysis the ONE test for underlying nutritional deficiencies affecting energy (krebs cycle) at cellular level 80 markers analysed.

Digestive health

You are what you eat or what your body can absorb. Poor dietary habits, stress amongst other factors can result in altered function and a disturbance of our internal bacterial flora ecosystem resulting in many symptoms such as bloating, gas, food intolerance and IBS and other digestive problems. Dietary and lifestyle changes or a detoxification programme may have a significant effect towards digestive health; further investigation may be recommended such as with a functional digestive health test with assessment of digestive enzymes, gut flora and dysbiosis.

Female health

Oestrogen sensitive conditions such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids are controlled by hormone balance; poor food choices directly affect your body’s hormones accentuating these conditions.  Nutritional intervention aims to bring your hormones back into balance thus reducing symptoms and improving how you feel. Recommended test such as female hormone panel.

Stress management

Demanding office hours and stressful situations lead us to poor food choices which further impair our ability to cope with stress. Irregular eating, poor diet and stress can upset hormone balance affecting our moods resulting in feeling irritable, tired and less able to cope adding to mental physical and emotional stress. Nutritional and lifestyle changes can help balance energy levels and help you to cope with the excessive demands of stressful periods. Recommended test such as adrenal function test.

Pre conceptual health and pregnancy

The greatest gift to any couple is a new life and yet approximately 25% have difficulties conceiving.  Optimise your health with dietary and lifestyle changes, which have been shown infertile couples, can significantly improve their chance of conception, which will greatly affect the health of your baby post birth. Recommended test such as hair mineral analysis. (Tracy is a foresight practitioner)  


Other conditions;

  • Musculoskeletal – arthritis, osteoporosis, gout,  soft tissue strains/sprains, pain management
  • Skin problems acne, psoriasis, dry skin, ageing
  • Immune health and function colds, flu, cystitis, cancer support
  • Cardiovascular health, homocysteine levels, cholesterol