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Exfoliation, Wraps and Rituals

Our wraps all include full body skin exfoliation to remove the accumulated dull, dead skin cells. We use a variety with natural ingredients such as luxurious crushed pearls, dead-sea salt, fruit enzymes healing herbs, exotic spices and botanical extracts. Luxury body exfoliation prepares your skin for your ultimate mud & Algae wrap to banish cellulite purify, detox and re-mineralise the tissues improving metabolism & skin texture, or as an effective chill out treatment

Full body Exfoliation without wrap

Includes dry skin brushing, friction massage with luxury exfoliant and gentle cloth buffing with finishing touches application of moisture rich cream for silky smooth enriched skin.

  • Allow 30 minutes £35


Our wraps have been chosen to be effective against cellulite, aid weight reduction, inch-loss and detoxification programmes. The Mud’s we have chosen are rich in minerals have anti-inflammatory effects, boost metabolism and improve the texture and health of the skin by stimulating the circulation aiding detoxification. Allow 1 hour for our 4 step wrap therapy including; Body exfoliation, wrap, massage & finishing touches

  • Enzymatic sea mud wraps £65
  • Dead-sea salt and mineral mud £65
  • Marine Algae £65
  • Paprika and rose (natural organic) £65
  • Contour refining body wrap £65

Whilst you are cocooned in a warm relaxing wrap enjoy a deeply relaxing foot or scalp massage. Finishing touches of softening oils and creams for silky soft skin complete this purifying experience

Cellulite and Detoxification Rituals

Rose & Paprika ritual

Cellulite busting rituals are recommended monthly, and include a welcome spa rose foot ritual with dietary advice and helpful tips based on your consultation. Treatment commences with a full body exfoliation followed by a combination of G5 massage and either Ultratone cellulite therapy or an Aroma-zone lymphatic drainage treatment. You are then cocooned in your detox herbal & paprika body wrap whilst reflexology stimulates organs to support elimination. Finishing touches includes a full body massage with aromatherapy oils mixed specifically for you complete this powerful detox treat. Allow 2 ½ hours

  • Rose & Paprika Ritual £150
  • Mud Wrap Ritual £150

Body Balance Inch-Loss programme

A 4 week intense boost to achieve maximum results whether it’s to aid weight or inch-loss, get the best out of your exercise programme, improve your health or just to feel your best for a special occasion, this programme can kick start your goals.

It includes 3 treatment sessions weekly, with dietary advice 10 day herbal detoxification support.

  • 4 Week Body Balance Programme £500