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Rest & Relaxation Rituals

The "Magic of the Spice Trail" for skin beauty and softness

Exotic orient exfoliation

Based on an incredible blend of the most expensive spices in the world vanilla, saffron and cardamom, together with oriental resins and woods, bamboo particles and nutmeg, hydrates nourishes and leaves your skin silky smooth, in preparation for further treatment;

  • 30 minutes £35

Placid paradise silk wrap

Without exfoliation you are cocooned in placid body wrap based on silk extracts. Skin is left firm and deeply hydrated with a silky soft texture, allows a gentle ritual with hot obsidian stones

  • 60 minutes £75

Multi-sensorial odyssey

Includes exotic orient exfoliation, placid silk body wrap and a soothing ritual with the hot obsidian stones

  • 75 minutes £95

The magic of the silk route

The most complete experience of the spice rituals. Includes full body exotic orient exfoliation, followed by massage of your choice of Turkish delight, exotic Ceylon full or obsidian hot stone massage and placid paradise wrap completes this exotic treatment

  • 120 minutes £150

Glitz and Glamour

Spa pearl therapy for skin beauty and softness.

Spa pearl therapy gold sheen or silver sparkle body wraps are sensational for your skin for the glitz and glamour of party dresses for complete city chic. Three steps to silky soft sensational skin that includes a full body exfoliation with crushed precious mother of pearl illuminating and renewing the skin with a gentle caress. Choose either “white pearly wrap” or “gold star nectar” body wrap followed by an envelopment of exquisite finishing sheens.

Gold star nectar

A majestic “golden algae” wrap, sparkling and luminous rejuvenates the skin and covers the body with beautiful energising reflections. Full body massage with “marine gold” completes this skin rejuvenation wrap and leaves the skin with a golden veil for maximum glamour and sophistication

  • 60 minutes £75

White pearly wrap & Black pearl facial

White and black pearl glamour! A sublime wrap that hydrates, firms and improves the skins elasticity it covers your skin with iridescent reflections. Massage with white pearl emulsion hydrates smoothes and softens. The skin is left with beautiful pearly silver reflections radiating magic and sensuality.

  • 60 minutes £75 white pearl body wrap
  • 90 minutes £95 with black pearl facial