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Holistic, Sports & Deep Tissue Massages

The Benefits of Massage

Massage is the most basic way to deal with physical, mental & emotional stress levels and an excellent way to prevent stress related illnesses and gain relief from many ailments. It incorporates various combinations of eastern and western techniques (Swedish, Thai, Indian, Turkish massage) with numerous benefits including;

  • Pain relief
  • Improves posture & confidence
  • Reduce muscular tension & tightness
  • Improves lymph & blood circulation
  • Boosts immune health via lymphatic’s
  • Improves skin health and appearance
  • Injury prevention
  • Improves breathing patterns
  • Improves sleep & insomnia
  • Creates a sense of calm & wellbeing
  • Boosts energy performance & stamina
  • Allows self healing via deep relaxation correcting any imbalance within your system so that health can manifest, enhances all systems within body to work in perfect harmony

No two treatments or recommendations are the same, but all have a theme, enabling you to reach your potential through deep relaxation and with advice that will best serve your needs in order to achieve ultimate Body physical, mental and emotional Balance.

Massages and Tariffs

Back massage

A perfect pick me up! A relaxing therapy that includes a gentle back scrub and then followed by essential oil massage using shiatsu pressure points along the spine and a combination of soothing and deep massage strokes to de-stress and release back, neck & shoulder tension.

45mins/55mins £30/£45/£55

Full body wellbeing massage

A prescriptive massage using traditional techniques combined with a choice of mixed aromatherapy oils to uplift, de-stress, or detoxify to enhance your emotional, physical wellbeing for total rest and restoration of energy

55 mins £55


Following the teachings of leading Aroma therapist Michelene Arcier, consists of a unique pressure point and lymphatic massage with oils chosen to beautify, soothe and calm the nervous system. An organic face mask completes this holistic treatment to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, rejuvenating

55 mins £55

Winter Warming Wellbeing

A heated mattress for your comfort and warmed aromatherapy oils to boost & strengthen immune system, a full body experience aims to rebalance and recharge, ease away back, neck, scalp tensions with soothing deep tissue full body massage with pressure point therapy, a heavenly foot massage completes this winter warming treat

55 mins £55


An ancient ritual with a modern image to harmonise and rebalance energy flow to promote internal healing.
Gentle but firm pressure is applied to the reflex zones of the feet that mirror and correspond to different parts of the entire body. Deep relaxation is achieved with one treatment, a course of treatments can be effective for many conditions including; Headaches, migraines, insomnia, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, PMS, asthma, infertility, back pain, popular during pregnancy and so much more, restorative, rebalancing and re energising

60 mins £55


An ancient form of Japanese healing using universal “life force” energy. A gentle form of non invasive placement of the hand in sequence through clothes, can be used at the end

45 minutes £45

Indian head neck shoulder massage

A wonderful ancient treatment that relieves stress & mental fatigue, revives and refreshes. Includes scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage with or without oils. Improves circulation & nutrition to the scalp and hair, relieves muscular tension and headaches, particularly for those that spend much time at desks, energy levels are restored

30/45/55 mins £35/£45/£55

Chair acupressure massage

Pop in for a quick fix massage on the ergonomic designed total support chair, great for those who want to manage occupational postural tension through prolonged repetitive work and mental stress. No oil is used and you remain fully clothed, tension points are released to balance energy flow throughout head, neck, shoulders, arms and back, so it’s straight back to work feeling energised and alert for a productive end of day

15/30/45 mins £20/35/45

Mamma Mia- Mother to be Massage

A nurturing treatment for expectant mums. Rest and relax whilst your skin is pampered with appropriate nourishing aromatherapy oils and creams to prevent stretch marks, soothing massage to scalp shoulders and back & body supports the changes in rapid growth and development of baby and mum. Regular treatments are recommended for working mums to prevent swollen heavy legs and the natural changes that occur throughout this exciting time.

1st appointment 45 minutes £50, thereafter 30/45 minutes £35/£50