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Arriving for your Treament

Safety & Comfort Guidlines

We aim to please and if there is anything we can do to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable, do not hesitate to ask.

Some helpful tips:

  • Your first visit: please arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill out a personal profile & health questionnaire, required for all treatments (if down-loaded, this will be discussed prior to treatment)
  • Osteopathy, pain management or sports massage, your first visit requires a 45 minute appointment, to include a thorough evaluationthereafter 30 minutes is required for osteopathy
  • Arrive 5 minutes early for a stress free check in to all appointments
  • Turn your mobiles to silent
  • Wear undergarments throughout your treatment or loose shorts
  • Remove jewellery when having treatments


  • Do have a quick shower after exercise, to cool down before massage or body treatment
  • Avoid alcohol prior to treatments - let us help you to relax
  • Patch tests are required prior to the following therapies IPL/Laser, electrolysis eyelash tints, optional include product and waxing
  • Avoid any heat treatments prior to, or after, waxing or IPL/Laser therapy - this includes sun-beds, sauna, steam, swimming and sunbathing
  • All times quoted include consultation preparation time, changing and treatment