We diagnose and treat pain and disability, which may occur because of injury, trauma, overuse or stress. Our clients are of all ages, and from all walks of life, from the elite athlete to the sedentary person, to those that are involved in recreational activities and events, we specialise in pregnancy and infants. We are musculoskeletal experts and use all the specialist skills within osteopathy to return you to pain free health Our aim is to provide you with the highest standards of osteopathic healthcare give you an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and provide an understanding of your health issues.

We have the tools to resolve and prevent reoccurrence to bring your body back into balance by enhancing the whole body capacity for repair to maintain and to elevate your health and wellness. We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your health, posture or musculoskeletal pain or issues. 

In Osteo-Sports our approach for our active clients in the gym or for those involved in sports and activities is a global and structural-postural. We assess for misalignment, previous injuries and their impact on the body as a whole and in motion. We assess for new injuries, sports or overuse injuries and treat you with osteopathic manual medicinal techniques allowing the body to restore itself to normal function.

Osteopathic treatment offers solutions for pain relief and resolution of any problems assessed, once resolved osteopathic management aims to prevent further niggles, strains, or injuries with a view to enhance performance in activities or sport, as some clients simply want to be pain free during intense periods of training to achieve personal best’s in their chosen event. For those clients that are deskbound and want to remain active our focus is pain relief using a global approach to correct postural and spinal misalignment and improve flexibility.

We use osteopathic cranial and visceral techniques for those involved in accidents, trauma and whiplash, or prefer a light touch therapy. We have post-graduate training and specialise in cranial and pediatric osteopathy.

As osteopaths we take a holistic approach to health care and help people with a wide range of problems. Our aim is to help you recover, elevate your health and get you out of pain quickly and effectively and keep you in that space. We have preventative and maintenance healthcare for your musculoskeletal system to keep you healthy and pain free with our direct health plans