Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial Massage

Regular sports massage aims to;

Help prevent injury, enhance performance and aid recovery. Sports massage
Reduce muscle tension
Help athletes monitor muscle tone
Promote relaxation
Increase range of motion
Decrease muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise
Enhance athletic performance
Help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly
If your issue is not sports related but due to a sedentary lifestyle, we can help tackle these postural imbalances that often lead to muscular strains by easing out short tight muscles with deep tissue massage, stretches and give corrective exercise to strengthen weak areas.

Sports massage uses a variety of specialised techniques for those involved in sport, in a competitive event (pre, during, post event massage) or simply want to ease sore tight muscles after a workout at the gym or a hard day at the office. Sports Massage is a highly effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system whether you are an athlete or want to tackle back pain or postural issues due to long hours at a desk. 

We have sports massage experience treating elite athletes (QPR 7 seasons), and Olympic athletes (2012), our clients from many backgrounds and ages train and compete in many disciplines and events and some perform at a high level; triathlons, marathons, martial arts, netball (England), hockey, cycling, golf, tennis, amongst other sports and events. We understand the physical demands of competitive sports.  

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Osteopaths and have the advanced skills to diagnose, manage and treat chronic pain and dysfunction, and are able to liaise with other healthcare professionals (GP, Surgeons, Consultants). We use our sports massage skills to add therapeutic effect using advanced massage techniques, design treatment and Maintenance massage plans(Amy click)