Your First Visit


First appointment

Welcome to The Body Balance Clinic, for your comfort and safety please be advised of the following;

§  Osteopathy and massage treatment – please wear gym kit shorts and sports bra or comfortable underwear; as we will look at your spinal movement and ask you to perform a few exercises related to core, to assess for stability, mobility and flexibility

§  If at any time you are uncomfortable with any aspect of our process or treatment, please advice us immediately your comfort and wellbeing is our priority

§  You may experience being a little sore after deep tissue massage or manipulation between 24-48 hours as massage may have the same effect on the tissues as exercise, please follow our ice advice (5 minutes on the area every 2--30 minutes 3x) we will adapt the treatment pressure if you would prefer not to experience this natural after effect

§  Please advice us if you are planning a pregnancy or if you are pregnant

Terms and conditions

§  Appointments booked on the day and cancelled or rescheduled are chargeable

§  Cancellations, rescheduling, amendments are fully chargeable at 100%, if given less than 24 hours notice. We may charge 50% in unforeseen circumstances such as sickness – please note we give our fees to charity (osteopathic center for children OCC)

§  Lateness please allow plenty of time to find the clinic lateness will result in a reduced treatment time equal to your lateness and full payment will be charged

§  Case history is a valuable process required by law to keep you safe, and results in an effective bespoke treatment. This will be performed by all staff

§   Follow up check will include how you responded to treatment and any changes in your health or wellbeing, even the smallest thing will help us to bespoke your treatment and keep you safe

§  Payment Tracy accepts cash, BAC transfers (mainly), debit card and credit card payments (subject to charges)

Courses and Loyalty packages discounts

§  These are for those clients / patients requiring regular maintenance at great and affordable prices and are valid for the following time unless prior agreement with Tracy

§  3 sessions – 10 days / 7 sessions – 3 months / 10-12 sessions within calendar year (Jan-Dec)

§  Terms and conditions apply as above for lateness and cancellation


§  We have a team of self employed staff that work on a part time and adhoc basis

§  Please note they are qualified, insured and completely responsible for your treatment, wellbeing and management, The Body Balance Clinic or Tracy Elroy is not responsible for any treatment or effect. 

§  Payments are made direct to your therapist, The Body Balance Clinic and Tracy Elroy will not be responsible for any refunds or any other issues arising.

§  A copy of staff certificates can be seen on request