About the body balance clinic


We provide the solutions for our clients to maintain a pain free lifestyle, to remain active at work or during recreational activities. Our clientele range from highly competitive athletes, or the ‘weekend warriors’ who want to be at the peak of their performance in sport to perform and achieve their ‘personal best’ at an upcoming event. Whether you are competing or you want to maximize your health and wellness potential we have a wide range of services for your requirements. We recognise that everyone is different which is why we have a multidisciplinary professional approach to each person and their problem or goal. 

If injured or in pain we have a process that flows from pain relief through to movement control, postural correction, functional rehabilitation to injury prevention. Our approach to musculoskeletal pain or discomfort is to apply our osteopathic expertise, listen and understand your problem, observing motion and patterns of dysfunction. This is followed with treatment to resolve the problem with a combination of healing methods using our clinical experience and an evidence-based approach. We are committed and aim to solve most issues between 1-7 sessions, we will offer follow up care, with our preventative and maintenance direct wellness plans

Our clients seek complementary treatments using natural solutions, such as homeopathy for the relief of pain, anxiety and stress and any associated symptoms (insomnia), to avoid the side effects of drugs. We educate and share tips during your treatment in all aspects of health relevant to your goals to maximize your time and treatment benefits. 

Please browse our extensive range of therapies. We also offer a full range of health and beauty treatments targeting skin health including facials, hair removal (IPL /wax) inch-loss treatments. Look out for our upcoming new treatment and product ranges using home made natural organic products to promote healthy beautiful skin. If you are planning a family, do check out our new mums and baby’s treatment clinic.

Our team will support your total health and wellness; this will affect how you look, feel and perform, by booking in for treatments, or signing up for transformational health packages or direct wellness plans.