Delaney Bucknor,   Pro-Elite Fitness Competitor,   2015 UKBFF & Miami Pro World Champion

Delaney Bucknor, Pro-Elite Fitness Competitor, 2015 UKBFF & Miami Pro World Champion

"Thanks to Tracy choosing the right homeopathic remedies for me, I regained full mobility & range of motion in my right knee which caused limitations in my competition preparation training, & a runny nose that I believed was just one of those things I had to live with was resolved. Highly recommended."

Delaney Bucknor
Pro-Elite Fitness Competitor
2015 UKBFF & Miami Pro World Champion

Marathon de Sabre

Marathon de Sabre

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting me ready for the MDS [Marathon de Sabre]. I ended coming 304 out of 1385 runners (80 dropped out) so really surprised myself. What a fantastic event."

“After struggling with a painful shoulder injury for several months and two physiotherapists, I saw Tracy on recommendation.  After an initial consultation and two sessions I was back to lifting my previous weights.  Now I see Tracy once a month as a monthly MOT for my body.  Tracy is knowledgeable and thorough, it’s amazing how she can spot problems in your body just by the way you are standing.  I recommend Tracy to everyone I meet.”
Richard Willers

"I have two words to describe Tracy: Magic Hands! I had been suffering from chronic pain in my left hand and wrist for nearly a year. I had seen numerous specialists all of whom failed to find the cause and a cure for my pain. I had stopped training upper body for months and wasn’t able to even hold an empty cup by the time I went to see her. She examined me for only a few minutes and advised me the pain in my hand was a result of tightness and lack of mobility in my back and shoulders and started treatments in that area. I have to say I was quite skeptical at the time but five sessions later the pain was completely gone and I was back to lifting my weights and doing my pull-ups! Most importantly, she taught me how to make sure it won’t come back. She’s extremely qualified and passionate about what she does. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks Tracy for giving me my hand back :) "
Telli Nourkeyhani

"I've been running for over 20 years - regularly clocking 100 mile weeks and with a sub 70 half marathon being a highlight.  In that time - Tracy stands out as an excellent osteopath. Her commitment to increasing her knowledge base and taking a thoughtful cross-disciplinary approach to remedying musculo-skeletal complaints and identifying the underlying causes of these issues. She rapidly diagnosed and explained some long-standing areas of muscle soreness and tightness. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with a sports injury or simply interested in a 'check-up' to assess their bio-mechanics and potential areas of weakness."
Bryn Reynolds

"By far the best Osteopath I have ever seen. I have been suffering with headaches and neck pain for some time, Tracy's knowledge in various health conditions is fantastic and it is obvious she thoroughly enjoys and takes great pride in her work, which shows in the results.  Her treatments are a godsend and have helped me enormously."
Gemma Russell

"Have suffered from Neck/shoulder alignment issues for years on and off. Couple of weeks ago something happened and I could hardly move my neck/shoulders and the pain was highly intense. Tracey performed a miracle - within 3 days - I was practically cured. As the previous reviewer mentioned - this really is magic hands’. I have been to other places in the past but from here - I have come away with decent advice and a whole change in posture to stop further problems in the future. Note, the practitioner is very highly knowledgeable in other arenas of therapy and pain control." 
Jazzy Zee


“I am a professional Muay Thai Fighter and have been seeing Tracy for a few months now to keep my body in peak condition for competition. Tracy has an extensive knowledge of the body and how to fix injuries and misalignments caused by training. 

From seeing Tracy I have notice a high increase in mobility in my hip, and thoracic spine. Along with great soft and deep tissue manipulation pre and post fight to release built up tension and improve recovery.
I would recommend Tracy to anyone in need of a professional extensive treatment. Her warm and charismatic personality add to the in depth treatment she provides to her clients.”

Leon J
Managing Director
Fight City Gyms Ltd

“Visited Tracy for a spinal heath check as I had discomfort in my upper back. She actually picked up on a hip injury I’d had previously (that I hadn’t told her about) which was all linked to the pain that I was experiencing in my back. Came away with a lot of new exercises to improve the whole body and not just my back. Would definitely recommend.”
Sam Bright

“As a PT and rugby player I get injured quite often. Tracy has helped me a lot over the last couple years to keep training & playing each weekend. Any issues have been fixed within 1 - 2 sessions. Highly recommend her.”

“I’ve been visiting Tracy on and off for about four years now, her treatments have made a huge difference to my training regime and allow me to train hard without having to worry about something going ping. She is very friendly which makes the sessions enjoyable as well as beneficial.”
Danny Cunningham