Our focus on advanced skin care treatments for fabulous healthy skin includes Intense Pulse Light (IPL) permanent hair reduction treatments and waxing for super smooth hair free skin, detoxification, Inch Loss slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. We have a selection of advanced bespoke dermalogica and signature facials for ageless beautiful skin.  

We also have a range of bespoke natural and organic product range and ‘We Love Massage’ aromatherapy oils for the Face and Body.r Transformational packages available. 


"Tracy's knowledge is fantastic and it is obvious she thoroughly enjoys and takes great pride in her work, which shows in the results." Gemma Russell

The Body Balance Clinic have been dermalogica® facial treatment specialists and working in partnership with dermalogica® for more than 7 years. This experience means we know the products and the treatments that deliver the very best skin care results. Our ranges of facials are targeted for your specific skin concerns from the most sensitive to the most congested problematic skin types, our emphasis is on protecting your skin from pollution damage and ageing effects by using dermalogica® professional strength products within our facials, the results will speak for themselves. We are also recognised by dermalogica® for providing excellence in our treatments having achieved expert level. So, why trust your skin with anyone else?

dermalogica® has a solution for every skin problem, we offer a Face Mapping Experience during your facial to customize your facial and to provide a prescriptive skin care regime at home enhancing the facial experience to target specific concerns, for faster and long term skin care results. 

Home skin care regime
We offer a complimentary Face Mapping Experience (click) for those that need expert skin care advice so you may select the perfect and most effective dermalogica® skin care products based on your skin care story to target your specific concerns at home.

New for 2017 we have developed our own range of bespoke hand blended “We love massage” aromatherapy oils for use in our signature facials. We are delighted to be launching our own natural organic skincare range alongside our dermalogica® full retail range.

This fabulous natural facelift facial combines science, skincare and various holistic disciplines to provide the ultimate bespoke face and body wellness experience. Your skin will appear smoother, lifted with a softening of wrinkles, resulting in a youthful radiant complexion…
Our signature bespoke facial combines cranial osteopathic treatment to promote optimal balance and alignment within the soft tissues of the face and body. Enjoy a double deep cleanse and masque experience to decongest and purify, enhanced by ultrasonic microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage technology. Hot stone massage with emphasis on anti-ageing antioxidant rich and hydration masques aids deep penetration of active ingredients restoring skins suppleness. Cranial osteopathy and the use of advanced massage techniques, lymphatic drainage with acupressure and lifting techniques, reduce puffiness and dark circles, tone, lift and rejuvenate for a natural facelift and radiant glow. Optional facial rejuvenation acupuncture diminishes deep lines and wrinkles and our bespoke essential oils are used for therapeutic effects. A powerful stress-relieving facial with profound relaxing effects, harmonizing body and mind.

You will see and feel the benefit from one treatment. 
For special occasions or a targeted course of facials for optimal skin health we recommend a course of 7 weekly treatments, as the effects are cumulative and long lasting, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

Treatment time: 90 minutes £120
Book 6 treatments and get the 7th FREE
Save 20% on any dermalogica purchase

Classic dermalogica® Skin Health Facial - Our dermalogica® Skin Health Facial is zone-by-zone Face Mapping® skin analysis. Our prescription bespoke facials blend pure pampering with technical expertise for exceptional results totally designed to meet your needs, for the most sensitive or problematic skins. We use targeted facial products from our dermalogica ranges AGE Smart, UltraCalming, ChromaWhite TRx, MediBac clearinga and our advanced IonActive Power Treatment Facials (click). Your customized bespoke facial will leave your skin with a fresh, clean radiant glow and leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

This 60-minute facial targets your skin health concerns and includes Face Mapping, double cleanse, ultra sonic exfoliation, detox masque, steam and manual extraction (if appropriate), lymphatic drainage or high frequency, a facial massage, a customised masque or moisture with essential sun protection factor (SPF) completes this wellbeing experience. A pampering neck and shoulder massage with bespoke organic aromatherapy oils will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. This exceptional facial experience delivers outstanding results towards your healthiest most beautiful radiant skin, revitalizing both body and mind. You will see and feel the benefits in one treatment. We offer express 30 and 45 minutes for those short of pampering time. 

For optimal skin health we recommend a course of 4-6 weekly treatments to achieve your best results, as the effects are cumulative and long lasting. Maintenance treatments are recommended 

Treatment time: 60 minutes £75
Treatment time: 45 minutes £65
Treatment time: 30 minutes £45
Book 6 treatments and get the 7th FREE
Save 20% on any dermalogica purchase

We also offer the latest Advanced IonActive Power Treatment, a dermalogica Facial for superb results

Treatment time: 45 minutes £65

Dermateen® Facial
It’s never too young to start a skin care regime to appreciate the importance of good skin care and how it can promote healthy, glowing and radiant skin. At this time of intense and fluctuating hormonal changes this may lead to breakouts, clogged pores and acne, this is the perfect time to learn how you can prevent these breakouts and manage them effectively without leaving scars or affecting self esteem. MORE

What are the benefits of a teen facial? 
The main benefits of a teen facial is education about skin and how it can be affected internally and externally (diet, hydration, sleep, hygiene) to great effect no matter what problems or issues present during this period of hormonal change. Facials will help clean out clogged pores due to oiliness and prevent them becoming spots, facials are geared to problem solve or maintain a youthful beautiful skin. A simple home care regime will manage oiliness, blemishes and breakouts or help those to calm sensitive skin or maintain normal skin promoting long-term skin health throughout these special years. 

A teenage facial includes skin analysis to determine skin type, suitable products are selected, exfoliation using gentle ultrasonic exfoliation, steam to soften the pores for gentle pore extraction so not to harm the integrity of the skin. A customized masque appropriate for the skin type is applied with an oil free lotion or the most suitable moisturiser. Recommended regularly if a skin problem is established, and a minimum of 4 times a year when the health of the skin has been re established. 

45 minutes £65
60 minutes £75
Save 20% on any dermalogica purchase

We are experts in removing unwanted hair, with over 25 years experience we are fast, thorough and efficient to minimise pain. Waxing is efficient, gentle and effective way to remove unwanted hair. We use strip and hot wax to conveniently remove hair from unwanted areas. Waxing avoids shaving cuts and rashes and saves you time and gives you smoother hair free skin for longer.  We are fast and efficient at waxing making this experience as pain free as possible for super smooth hairless skin, we recommend monthly treatments, however if you are interested in permanent hair reduction please book your free consultation. See our waxing FAQ / Pre care advice / Post care advice. 

Bikini wax
15 minutes £25
Brazilian wax
20-30 minutes £35
Hollywood wax
20-30 minutes £40
Half leg wax or half arms
20- 30 minutes £25
Thigh wax
20-30 minutes £30
Underarm wax, or small areas  
15 minutes £20
Other areas are available please ask
10% discount on 2 plus treatments, courses available

Back and shoulder wax
30 minutes £45
Chest wax and abdomen
30 minutes £45
Half arm
30 minute £25

Other areas are available, please ask

Small areas £39
Lip, chin, feet, hands, glabella, neck, side of face, cheeks, navel
Medium areas £69
Shoulders, forearms, bikini
Large areas £99
Back, legs, thighs, buttocks, full arm

Book your Free Consultation to discuss the areas you wish to permanently reduce the associated time and packages.

Skin health look good feel great
Achieving great skin health is the ultimate goal as skin reflects your emotional, physical and general health. These treatments support and enhance your healthy lifestyle programs of healthier eating, exercise and mindfulness to result in body beautiful skin.

An effective “classic” therapy consists of a strong massage that stimulates and pummels stubborn fat associated with cellulite. Perfect with those hard to reach areas that don’t respond to exercise, your skin will be smoother with improved texture and tone. A standalone treatment or combine it with Aromazone lymphatic drainage therapy. It is effective on hips, thighs, abdomen, thighs and upper arms.
Courses are recommended for accumulative effects
30 minute session £50


The ultimate revolutionary body shaping system to lift, tighten, tone & slim, reducing your measurements. Supports a healthy lifestyle with a choice of programs to combat cellulite, slim, increase muscle tone. Perfect for “6 pack’ abdomens for guys and for targeting legs bums and tums for the girls prior to beachwear, or great kick start for new year resolutions and special events. Programs include toning, lymphatic drainage slimming, workout, post pregnancy and many more. 
A course of 8-12 session, twice a week gives excellent and long lasting results, as effects are accumulative. 
40 minutes session £50

The ultimate lymphatic “thigh high boots”, they gently squeeze the legs and thighs in a sequential rhythmical manner, stimulating the lymphatic circulation. This treatment is more effective than hand massage with many therapeutic benefits, reduces swelling from soft tissue injuries, and improves lactic acid removal after marathons and events. It enhances the effect of facials to give a radiant complexion as well as helping to support your detoxification programs and anti cellulite regimes.  
Courses are recommended for accumulative effects
40 minutes session £50