Clients often seek help with the following problems or concerns:

•    Musculoskeletal / pain – acute or chronic/injury/ trauma/ arthritis
•    Anxiety / stress related disorders / low mood state
•    Insomnia and sleep issues / disorders
•    Fears / panic attacks / phobias / examination fears
•    Trauma / grief
•    Skin problems / eczema / psoriasis / acne / Urticaria
•    Digestive disorders – IBS / indigestion / IBD
•    Allergies / hay fever / immune system
•    Headaches / migraine / sinusitis
•    Female health / fertility / hormone imbalance /fibroids /PCO’s
•    Pregnancy related issues / morning sickness
•    Male health / prostate health
•    PMS / irregular or heavy periods menopausal symptoms
•    Fatigue / exhaustion
•    Acute conditions – infections/fevers/influenza/coughs /colds/injuries/sprains/insect bites
•    Pregnancy and birth / babies / children 

Homeopaths work in the same way as conventional doctors or therapists by taking a case history at the consultation, examination or observation of the presenting problem, along with the following; lifestyles, eating habits and preferences, temperament, personality, sleep patterns and medical history this helps to form a complete picture of you. This picture will be matched to the symptoms of your illness in order to select the appropriate remedy and strength (potency) of your homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy is an effective, holistic and gentle system of medicine that has been used for over 200 years worldwide, it uses natural and highly diluted substances homeopathic remedies that are prescribed to trigger the body’s innate healing mechanism to raise vitality and wellness. Homeopathy aims to bring the whole person back into balance resolving physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies work on the principle of “like cures like” a person is given a remedy that would produce similar symptoms in a healthy person…

Based on the experience of a client’s symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to the client. Examples of this principle in practice is of a person with insomnia might be prescribed the homeopathic remedy coffea, a remedy made from coffee. A person with a cold or flu like symptoms presenting with a sensation of burning in the mucous membranes a profuse runny nose, teary eyes and clearing of the throat may be given the remedy allium cepa, made from red onion that produces similar symptoms in the mucous membranes when it is chopped.
Homeopathy views the person holistically as a whole, combining mental, emotional and physical elements of a person to bring about a state of balance by addressing the underlying cause of a disorder rather than concentrating on symptoms alone, it can be very supportive and transformative in its process.

Homeopathy is about creating balance, the matching picture and appropriate remedy is selected that is individual and bespoke to support your system, strengthen immunity, enhance health and bring the body back into balance. In homeopathy there are 1000’s of remedies with their own symptoms and pictures, as an example around 200 remedies are available for the common cold, in homeopathy there is not one medicine that fits all as you are unique and your remedy will reflect this.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and can be used in pregnancy, babies and children and can be safely used alongside conventional medicine.