A regularly scheduled maintenance massage or osteo-sports session allows us to keep a check on how your muscles, joint restrictions and soft tissues are doing, address any budding imbalances before they cause a problem affecting your enjoyment in training, exercise, hobbies or work. Your maintenance session gives us the opportunity to remind you of self-maintenance exercises, stretches, postural adjustments and lifestyle advice given to you in previous sessions. 

In this session we will do a full body screen, check-in on any historic problems, work on any new niggle, discomfort, slight strain or any imbalances and address any new health concern since the last session.

Maintenance Massage or Osteo-Sports Massage are great for those that would like to keep on top of what’s going on with their bodies, our clients report many benefits besides the physical relief of pain, niggles and tension they feel psychologically more relaxed and prepared for daily and exercise challenges. Our clients come from all ages and backgrounds and include those that use daily repetitive movements and build up muscle tension, the deskbound hounds, those in physical jobs, mums and dads with small children.

Most of our clients are those above that also train regularly runners, cyclists, martial arts, gym goers and those training for events (marathons, triathlons, tough mudda, 100 mile cycle). Both pros and amateurs are looking to improve conditioning and performance recover faster with fewer niggles and prevent injuries, we recommend preventative maintenance massage, as like with exercise has cumulative effects, and can be an essential weapon in intense training programs. Our aim is to loosen up overworked muscles, check spinal movements, identify and give corrective or stretch exercise for uneven patterns of movement prior to it becoming a problem, so you can adjust you’re training and stretch routine accordingly.

Our regular clients appreciate us keeping a check on their musculoskeletal wellbeing, as such we have set up reminder system where you may select a timeframe to be reminded (e.g. 1-4 weeks or longer), via email since your last treatment, giving you the option to re-book. You may opt in for this service.