Nutritional Therapy

Tracy's Qualifications:

Having studied and gained a diploma with the institute of optimum nutrition (ION) this course placed emphasis on research, supplementation and clinical tests.

Tracy went on to study at the natural college of nutrition using holistic, naturopathic techniques for cleansing and detoxification to promote health and wellbeing, she studied Iridology with professor Plaskett to support naturopathic techniques and principles. Her interests at that time was for optimizing sports performance and injury recovery due to being based in a health club, gym and professional sports (football QPR) so focus was in sports nutrition, recovery of injuries, weight loss and detoxification, with a special interest in optimizing health in preparation for pregnancy, she became interested in the research around fertility and became a foresight practitioner (2000). 

Since her goal of sports injury and rehab orientated care and experience at elite and Olympic level, in recent years her focus and specialist area of interest has taken a direction around female health, pre-conception, pregnancy, babies and children.  Training as a pediatric osteopath and sleep consultant along with a specialist certificate in preconception, pregnancy reflexology and pregnancy massage. In 2017 Tracy will open a weekend clinic and offer home and Skype visits with focus on your babies and children health and wellbeing, whilst maintaining her successful clinics in health and wellbeing centres in the city.

Nutritional therapy treats the body as a whole whilst seeking the root source of health concerns rather than simply the symptoms, we are individual in our make up with particular likes and dislikes for food and therefore we will give you personalized dietary recommendations, practical meal suggestions and recipes as well as tips on how to incorporate the changes into your lifestyle. The consultation includes your medical history, assessment of current health status, personal health symptoms, your needs and goals will be discussed and personalized nutrition plan will be devised on this basis. Nutritional therapy can alleviate specific symptoms, or may support overall health and wellbeing. 

•    Digestive problems - constipation / bloating / IBS / Reflux / food intolerance
•    Weight problems - weight loss / sugar cravings / blood sugar imbalance
•    Skin conditions - acne / eczema / psoriasis / rosacea /urticaria
•    Cardiovascular health - high cholesterol / HBP
•    Hormonal imbalances, women’s health / infertility/PMS /PCOS / Menopause symptoms / Thyroid
•    Mental health, general wellbeing – low mood / Anxiety / poor concentration
•    Helping you to achieve “one off” goals such as a triathlon, marathon etc. Injury and rehabilitation support 

Nutrition and homeopathy are effective as standalone therapy, we often we recommend combining these therapies when clients present at our clinic for the following;
•    Detoxification, weight loss, organ support
•    Optimizing health in preparation for pregnancy
•    Fertility issues, undergoing medical intervention
•    Children and CEASE therapy
•    Female and male health
•    Skin health and beauty

This holistic natural approach is about adopting healthier habits for all ages, giving small achievable goals, which lead to long-term lifestyle changes and improved health, that can fit smoothly and fit into your lifestyle. We may recommend clinical tests and supplements to support your nutritional program; this will be discussed during your nutrition consultation. Please visit and and for a range of clinical tests we offer.