Osteopathy in Pregnancy & Pediatric Cranial Osteopathy


Pediatric Cranial Osteopathy
Cranial osteopathy is becoming recognised as an effective treatment for babies, particularly after a difficult birth. It is a gentle non-invasive technique for babies that relieves birth trauma, stresses and strains in baby’s head and body, it prevents baby suffering long-term effects from the moulding process common after difficult and prolonged childbirth, will help to promote your babies overall health. Cranial osteopathy treats orthopedic, digestive and respiratory issues promoting general health. 

Parents often want to have a baby check after birth to integrate the birth process and to release stress and tensions before any symptoms arise, and seek help for the following problems: 

Baby cranial osteopathy and baby massage techniques can help with the following;
•    Birth trauma unresolved stress, strains
•    Prolonged crying and unsettled babies
•    Bonding issues
•    Plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome, moulding
•    Torticollis
•    Sleep problems
•    Ineffective sucking or painful breastfeeding
•    Digestive disturbance reflux, colic, constipation, diarrhea
•    Developmental issues
•    Infections, glue ear
•    Respiratory issues, wheezing and infections

Children combined with homeopathic support
•    Sleep disturbance / nightmares
•    Musculoskeletal developmental issues
•    Postural strains
•    Scoliosis and spinal conditions
•    Sports injuries
•    Dental work
•    General health
•    Childhood illnesses - coughs/colds/sore throat
•    Respiratory conditions - Asthma
•    Recurrent ear infections, sinus infections, glue ear
•    Learning difficulties
•    Hyperactivity / ADHD
•    Behavioral problems   
•    Exercise programs

Osteopathy in Pregnancy
Osteopathic treatment can prepare your body for an easier less painful birth and help with recovery after birth for both mum and baby, Treatment can help the mother return too normal after birth, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

•    Back pain in pregnancy
•    Pelvic pain
•    Relaxation and stress relief
•    Resolve issues arising through pregnancy
•    Address any pain and postural issues caused during pregnancy
•    Treatment and advice on posture with new skills of handling baby and breastfeeding

Acupuncture may be used safely within the osteopathic treatment it is effective in helping to reduce pain and tension associated with adaptive changes in pregnancy, back, pelvis and pubic pain, neck and shoulder tension, morning sickness and improve circulation.

An osteopath uses their clinical knowledge together with their highly skilled sense of touch known as palpation, to diagnose and treat people of all ages. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners with a statutory regulatory body (General Osteopathic Council) and have undergone rigorous clinical training for 4-5 years; they study anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical subjects to a very high standard. Many go on to pursue post-graduate courses in their particular field of interest to deepen their knowledge of osteopathy, which is said to take a lifetime to understand its full therapeutic potential. The complexity of the human body and its ability to self heal is truly amazing so an osteopath commits to a lifelong journey of studying.