Reflexology has many benefits

Reflexology is a powerful form of preventative medicine and can be used in the healthy or those with minor health complaints such as circulation, whilst pregnant clients report it relieves symptoms associated with pressure on feet and legs. 
- Deep relaxation, general health & psychological impact on wellbeing
- Stress, anxiety, trauma
- Sleep issues, lack energy or vitality
- Migraine, Headaches, pain relief
- Back pain and pain management
- Fertility, pregnancy issues, female health
- Digestive problems
- Foot issues, improving mobility & releasing tension
Reflexology focuses on clearing energy blockages, it is effective for stress and anxiety states where the energy is in the head, treating the feet helps the client to become centered and grounded. By reducing stress and anxiety through the parasympathetic nervous system via its fight flight state, this allows the body to relax and heal. Clients’ report they are able to zone out, often taking a power nap.

Reflexology does not diagnose or treat disease, it is safe to use alongside conventional medicine to promote relaxation, improving vitality and wellness.

We recommend one off treatment for deep relaxation and weekly treatments for at least 7 weeks and teach DIY points so clients can work on themselves in between treatments. Monthly maintenance sessions are recommended after a course of treatments. It can be used to feel well, stay well and as a preventative therapy promoting general health and wellness.  

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that addresses the whole body rather than just the symptoms. It can help with a range of health concerns such as stress and anxiety, aches and pains, male and female and fertility health issues and is supportive and relaxing during pregnancy. It is also an effective preventative therapy for ongoing mental, emotional, physical wellness, it is deeply relaxing so most clients’ benefit. 

What is reflexology?
Reflexology is a modern day complementary health therapy with its roots dating back as early as 400 BC in China where it remains widespread, foot therapy was practiced by Native American tribes and in ancient Egypt. 

Reflexology has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity as a holistic healing therapy. It is based on the Chinese principle that areas on the soles of the feet or hands are divided into reflex zones, meridian energy channels that contain 1000’s of nerve endings and correspond to other parts of the body via these zones.

Reflexologists believe when these energy channels become blocked a person may become unwell such as experiencing headaches, sleep issues or lack vitality relating to yin and yang imbalance. Reflexology balances the opposing forces of yin yang to promote vital flow of energy throughout the zones and meridians releasing energetic blockages restoring homeostasis promoting health and wellness.

How does it work?
Reflexology aims to dissolve energetic blockages within the zones and meridians that contribute to the body being out of balance, this trigger’s the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing pain, stress and anxiety via the parasympathetic nervous system restoring homeostasis balance. An example is; by applying reflexology massage to the big toe and ankle, this corresponds to the endocrine and reproductive areas may help to relieve symptoms of PMS or menopausal symptoms. 

Reflexology is a gentle pressure point massage using the thumb and index finger in a ritualistic manner to the feet. The feet have 1000’s of nerve endings and provide a map for the body organs, reflexologists “read” the body via the feet; crunchiness, soreness or hollowness indicate blockages in the related organ or body part that are out of balance.