Structural Integration

This specialist myofascial and neuromuscular re-education training was with professor Craig Benedict (its roots from Rolfing) for the structural integration of the human body in both static and dynamic movement. These accumulative sessions using a combination of skills, keep you on track to avoid niggles, repetitive strains and injuries such as acquired in repetitive movement and sport, promoting the extension of careers. 

Post grad physio therapy training as a Kinetic Movement Therapist for healthcare professionals, was undertaken Mark Comerford a leading physiotherapist in Australia (master level) combining osteopathy has given the skills to assess and treat complex patterns of dysfunction using a combination of hands on soft tissue and advanced myofascial integration techniques, stretch, mobility and corrective exercises. These sessions aim to assess and treat patterns of dysfunction to significantly address chronic pain, correct posture and integrate awareness, functional movement and sports performance for the elite, amateur or clients wanted to work on transformation. 

10 sessions are accumulative and progressively address one area of the body within each session starting with the feet. These sessions are supported by education to improve function and freedom of movement. A course of treatment aims to improve posture and balance, increase flexibility, resolve pain or discomfort associated with poor posture and improves sports performance. An integrated and better functioning musculoskeletal increases self-awareness and improves; joint mobility, flexibility, posture, gait, energy levels and confidence. We recommend this course of 10 sessions over a period of between 5-10 weeks. Price is upon consultation.