The Benefits of Massage

Our extensive range of massage soft and deep touch therapies is the most basic way to deal with physical, mental & emotional stress, regular maintenance sessions are an excellent way to prevent stress related illnesses and gain relief from many ailments. It incorporates various combinations of eastern and western techniques with numerous benefits including;
  Reduce muscular tension, tightness, niggles, strains
    Injury prevention
    Pain relief
    Improves circulation, lymph, blood to organs, muscles and tissues
    Improves sleep, insomnia
    Creates a sense of calmness, wellbeing
    Boosts energy performance & stamina
    Improves posture, body alignment, confidence
    Boosts immune health via lymphatic’s
    Improves skin health, smoothness, appearance
    Improves breathing patterns         
    Allows self healing via deep relaxation correcting any imbalance within your system so that health can manifest, it enhances all systems within body to work in perfect harmony

No two treatments or recommendations are the same, but all have a theme, enabling you to reach your potential through deep relaxation and with advice that will best serve your needs in order to achieve ultimate body physical, mental and emotional balance.